The Opening Drive


Signed and numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies, complete with certificate of authenticity and the key.


Peter Munro

Large print

Image size - 700 x 470 mm

Print Size - 800 x 580 mm

Small print

Image size - 550 x 370 mm

Print Size - 610 x 440 mm


The Opening Drive

At the stroke of noon on 17th October 1860, the greatest Golf championship on Earth was inaugurated by Tom Morris’s opening drive on the seaside links of Prestwick in western Scotland. No artist or photographer being present, the historic moment was not captured in any medium and has thus remained unseen - until now.

After five years of careful research, Prof David Purdie of the University of Edinburgh commissioned the distinguished artist Peter Munro to paint the scene. The work faithfully represents both the landscape and seascape as they were on the Open’s first day as Tom Morris, on the 1st tee, lines up his opening drive against Prestwick’s famous backdrop of the Firth of Clyde and the distant Isle of Arran. He is watched by other competitors including the eventual winner, Willie Park Sr of Musselburgh, tournament officials and spectators.

The features and dress of the twelve principal individuals shown in the work were obtained from contemporary photographs and paintings. Peter Munro being a portraitist as well as a landscape artist, their features have proved clearly recognisable to their descendants alive today.

This painting is literally unique. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews has confirmed that no other image of the birth of The Open Championship is in existence.