Tigh an Truish (The Hoose o’ Troosers)


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Rob Hain
Landscape, Seascape & Marine, Towns & Cities
Open Editon Giclée

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Paper Size - 360 x 204 mm


On the island of Seil, south of Oban, is the Tigh an Truish, or colloquially, The Hoose o’ Troosers. Following the Jacobite rebellion in 1745, a law was passed by the English government outlawing the wearing of kilts on the Scottish mainland. Failure to comply with this law would result in a six-month custodial sentence for a first offence, and subsequently deportation to the colonies to work on King George’s plantations for seven years. At the Hoose o’ Troosers, highlanders were able to change out of their kilts and don the requisite trousers in order to visit the mainland. 

In my painting I have shown it in the present day. Endeavouring to take a more lighthearted approach, I hope it will bring a smile to your face.

- Rob Hain, 27 March 2022


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